MLM – Chapter 37

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[How’s it feel?]
Lasko and Pira were standing outdoors some distance away from the house. In the distance, Tunnel and Sharp were bathing in a pristine pool of heated water, which Pira had constructed almost overnight. Playing with Ford had become their favorite past time, but when the pool had been introduced, and Lasko had showed them how to play in it, it had become their latest obsession.
Ford laid some distance away, in between Ford and Pira’s warehouse. When Pira had taken the caged rat into her workspace (for the procedure), the large dog had finally relaxed some, but it still insisted on maintaining some distance to the building where the rat stood.
Lasko eyed the giant dog a bit guiltily. The chip implant, Pira informed him, was already started, and Lasko had been watching Ford to see if there was any hint of negative reaction. Thankfully, there were none that he could notice; at most, the dog had been a bit overly alert. But that could easily have been explained by the presence of the rat…
[How. Does. It. Feel.] Pira asked again, breaking Lasko out of his thought process.
Lasko looked down at his hands and clenched his fists. Two lightly gloved hands balled up.
Is this really going to be enough protection?
[Who knows if it will be enough? All my data tells me is that ‘this’ is quite a lot, at least by 21st century standards.]
Lasko was dressed in a thin suit. It was skin-tight, even tighter than a wet suit, but had additional flair in all of the right places. Pira had also remodeled the head display, which was now much more sleek, and connected directly into the suit.
[I call it, the modern onesie.] Pira said proudly.
It does look rather stylish. Lasko admitted. He had gotten one of PiRA’s drones to stream video to his monitor, and was rather enjoying how muscular the suit made him look.
[Nobody likes a skinny superhero.] PIRA said.
Superhero? Is that what you were going for?
[Yes.] Pira said shamelessly. [I don’t have a lot of stylistic references for body armor in my data. I have to derive most of my inspiration from fiction. I wasn’t about to make you a set of body armor that looked like a tuxedo.]
Lasko stretched his hands into the air, and leaned from side to side. To be honest, it was super comfortable. He didn’t feel any resistance, and the fabric was pleasantly cool and even soft on his skin.
What kind of fabric is this?
A diagram showed up in his vision; a 3D representation of various lines being woven together to create a tight mesh.
[This material is made from a thread that is a blend of fibers that I had painstakingly manufactured using a nano-fiber production method from my time. As a result, the threads are able to be composed of a variety of different DVGs. The outer most ‘shielding’ layer is a mix of steel fiber with a flexing DVG effect and another fiber with a strengthening effect. This way when the suit undergoes too much trauma, it will be able to maintain its integrity, even when it cannot prevent damage to you. Damage can be healed with the regeneration nanites, but the suit cannot be easily.]
Uh… what would be considered too much trauma? Lasko ventured weakly.
Pira ignored him and continued explaining. [The internal threading has a few different DVG effects, but the most important fibers are the ones that wick moisture and regulate the temperature.]
Pira paused to let that sink in, and then continued with her spiel.
[But the crowning achievement is this.]
The diagram changed, zooming in to the surface of a thread, where Lasko could see that it was dotted with countless particles.
[I call these particles, molecular scales. I spray on the scales onto the fabric. These scales are incredibly hard when their DVG effect is activated, as hard as diamonds. In their normal state, they are dormant, but when they are compressed with enough force, they are forced against the threads with active thetan energy, and activation! The rat that has just latched on to your arm as just bitten into a rock.]
Pira’s voice was beaming as it explained, and Lasko could tell that she was proud of her accomplishment.
[The biggest downside is the high thetan energy cost. The average sixty year old wouldn’t be able to activate the scales sufficiently. But luckily you don’t need to worry about that.] PIRA hummed happily.
It’s very cool. Lasko complimented mentally. Did you test it?
[A couple trials,] the AI said dismissively. [The results were satisfactory enough to start human trials. So here we are.]
A couple of trials? That’s it? What kind of testing are we doing?
At his words, a drone approached with what looked to be a very sharp drill bit. At the sight of this, Lasko started to back away.
No way. It’s way too early for human trials.
[Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of time. What we do have a plethora of, are regeneration nanites. Live testing will tell us almost immediately what needs to be fixed, if anything. I still need to incorporate your weapons into the outfit, so we don’t have any time to waste.]
The hammer drill activated and began pounding aggressively. The drone approached dangerously close, much to Lasko’s extreme discomfort.
[Hurry up and start testing on the drill. I can’t do it by myself because my personality core is coded so that I’m not allowed to cause harm to any human being.]
So you finally admit that this is going to cause me some harm!
[Shut up and just do it. Be a man.]
Guess it has to be done. Lasko breathed deeply, preparing himself, before finally throwing himself in front of the hammer drill.
Ten minutes later, Lasko was laying on the ground, trying to let his mind recover. The pain caused by the intense beating had been traumatizing.
Pira, though, was very satisfied. [Worked perfectly. Time for weapons!]