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Man of Last Millennium is a science fantasy web serial, rated young adult for some violence and harsh language (technically I haven’t written any violence in it yet, but trust me, it’s on its way).

I got the inspiration from Man of Last Millennium late one night. I had just watched Idiocracy (its got electrolytes), a comedy movie about a man who gets cyrogenically frozen as a military experiment, promptly forgotten, and then ends up 300 years in the future. I went to sleep, and then I woke up in the middle of the night with the idea for Man of the Last Millennium in my head. I don’t remember what I dreamed about, the concept was just there, floating dead center in my mind.

The following morning, I woke up, went to work, and then promptly wrote the first chapter of Man of Last Millennium.

I’m aiming to release a 1000 word installment weekly, (maybe later twice a week). I know its not a lot, but unless I can quit my day job, I don’t have too much time to write. I’ve seen some of the serial fiction people have written and it boggles my mind how some can release 3000 words on a frequent basis. Perhaps I am just a slow writer.

The basic premise is just like Idiocracy, with a couple differences. Regardless, I hope that my story can be new and entertaining for you to read, as it was for me to write.

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